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Postby adamazing » Tue Feb 09, 2016 11:31 pm

Hey Brandon, those story dreams you were talking about on Insert Credit 121...

Have you done anything differently that may be the cause for them? Changed your diet? Sleeping habits?

I've had those kinds of dreams before as well, and it's pretty fun. It does seem to happen over a span of a few weeks and then they stop. I never thought to examine anything going on in my life at the time that may be a factor in them occurring. Not until I heard you talking about it... "Hey, that's happened to me!" It was when you mentioned how they started recently that I began to wonder.

Also, how do dreams have stuff happening in the real world affect them... Like, when my alarm goes off, it'll happen in my dream at a critical moment that looking back at it was actually lead up to. How does that happen? What the heck is going on? I figure my brain is used to waking up at the same time everyday, so it knows when it'll happen and works it into a dream... BUT, what about when something else happens. Loud noises, cat making muffins on my leg, or my kids waking me up? They'll be "worked into" a dream as part of the "story." Worked into it a way that makes complete sense, like that was part of the whole plan.

Ever had a dream where there's a different language in it? Whether it's spoken out loud or written? Not even necessarily a real language... But "you" don't know it in your dream. So weird.

George Carlin once joked about how dumb and boring dreams are to talk about. I understand what he's getting at, but I don't care to tell people what I dreamed about. He's right about that. Another person isn't going to have those feelings you had while dreaming. They're not going to "get it." It's frustrating, yes... "But dude, it was crazy! It was so real!"

Back to my point though, I care to wonder why they happen the way they do. Imagine being able to capture the feeling of a wonderful dream. Capture it and put it into a game.

Or for that matter; capture the feeling of falling asleep during the day, waking up at night and not knowing what day/time it is. THAT'S bizarre.

Wow, I started just wondering about Brandon's dreams and then kept going. Everything I said made me think of something else and want to keep writing. What a fun topic.
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Re: Dreams

Postby [NG] brandon » Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:01 pm

I think dreams are interesting to talk about! I have a lot of interesting dreams, though.

my theory of "incorporation" of real life events into dreams is that we don't really necessarily dream linearly or along a timeline. We have all these elements in there, and then we sort them out or order them with our conscious mind. the real life event is a natural climax, because it occurs in both spaces (dream and reality) so it gets worked in as an important sorting point.

As for other languages, just the other day I had a great dream. I had some sort of aphasia that caused me to be unable to speak english, but I could still understand it, and I could still speak, but when words came out they were unintelligible to everyone else. So I spoke japanese and spanish alternately depending on what I thought would be more understandable to my family members (some of my family members can speak some spanish or french, but I know more japanese at this point). We also went to a japanese restaurant upon my suggestion, and I had the waiter translate one thing for me, which was basically an apology to my family for not being able to speak english right now. He had a hard time and I helped him along with more specific japanese words.

Perhaps the most interesting part of it, most relevant to your point, was how I had to really think (my conscious mind) about the words - I was really speaking japanese and spanish in my dream, two languages which I "know" but are fading due to disuse. so I was struggling to find the right words within the dream, and that was a curious exercise.

Also here's another of my narrative dreams: http://hotcomicsforcoolpeople.tumblr.co ... r-weirdest

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