Forum Updates [2015-07-11]

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Forum Updates [2015-07-11]

Postby [NG] Shane » Tue Jun 23, 2015 10:00 pm

Hi all!
As you might have noticed we're still in the process of updating the forum theme and trying to add more cool things for you all! Every so often I'm going to update this post with the latest stuff we've added in case any of you want to know. If you've any suggestions for the avatar gallery or emotions let us know and we might add them! (Keep in mind we can't use other peoples copyrighted work!)

- Newly registered users can't create threads (spam prevention)
- You can now embed youtube and gfycat!
- Attachments enabled
- Necrosoft Mascot added as an avatar choice in the gallery.
- Remove those horrible default icons on forum.

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