Necrosoft 2015 - what the heck have we been doing!?

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Necrosoft 2015 - what the heck have we been doing!?

Postby [NG] brandon » Fri Jun 26, 2015 10:04 pm

We've been pretty busy in the last year-or-so, and there's no one place to view everything we've had going on, so I thought I'd tell everyone a bit about what Necrosoft Games has been up to.

In January-ish of last year, we released our first game -Gunhouse - for PlayStation Mobile, which you can still buy for 49 cents. It wasn't quite the game we thought we were going to make, but it wound up being a great experience in project management (very poor job by me, there), publicity, letting people know we were alive, and plain old releasing a game in general. A fair number of people liked it, and our launch trailer inexplicably has over 10,000 views, which I can't understand, because it's not that great of a trailer!

We didn't get the most sales ever, but people sure played it - a lot. One fellow told us he played the game to day 70. That would take... maybe about 48 hours if you were playing continuously! And besides that we were happy to work with Jim Crawford (of Frog Fractions fame), Disasterpeace, and Juan Ramirez to make it happen. A super good team, even if I did kind of burn everyone out.

So that's why we decided to bring it to Windows Phone late last year with some help from Microsoft. We released it totally free there, and it's an updated version to boot - we added screenshake, improved the store, added enemy color sets and "final" boss variants. This version will be coming to the Amazon store soon, as we continue to test out limited markets. There's more we want to do with Gunhouse, but that's a story for another time!

After years on the drawing board, and lots of false starts, we finally put out the alpha of Oh, Deer! right before the closure of PSM. We got a fair amount of buzz on this one, and we're pretty happy with the mechanics, and looking forward to taking it further. Look how happy this guy was!

We're currently working to secure publisher support for the full-blown thing. Cross your fingers! It'll be a pretty dang cool game when it's finished (it's pretty okay now too).

Next, there's Gunsport. There have been a lot of changes there. Gunsport is our flagship title, basically, and lead artist/coder Decinoge rebuilt the thing from our early demo into something much more robust, while also changing our art style to have better perspective, better characterization, animation, everything. We also moved from symmetrical to asymmetrical gameplay which was a big shift not only design-wise, but demo-wise. We've been demoing the game all over the world, from Japan, to Hungary, to the US, and as the game has moved from more of a party game to more of a thinking game, it's gotten a bit tougher to show people the nuance. This is an interesting problem—the game shows very well in general, and people are "getting" it across the board, but it could show better!

Image Image
Gunsport - symmetrical vs asymmetrical!

Speaking of which, we took Gunsport all over the world this year. We showed it at events, press offices, art galleries, and parking lots across Poland, Hungary, Japan, Slovakia, England, Ireland, Korea, Austria, the Czech Republic, China… and of course all over the US. EVO, PAX, E3, RTX, GDC, and several other acronyms!


As mentioned, Gunhouse is coming to Amazon phones and tablets, to see if there's a market for the existing game on iOS. We're also in talks to maybe do a followup “final” version of that game as well, but that all depends on timing!

Gunsport is now coming to Amazon Fire TV, and an unannounced PlayJam Android console, as well as the already-anounced PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions. Will we make a Vita version!? We don't know!!!

Oh, Deer! - we're gonna make that final version one way or another. If we don't get a publisher it takes longer, but we'll finish it, don't you worry.

Future secret project X—we've got a really cool new project in the works, which we hope to be able to share in a couple months. I can't say much, but I will say this is going to be the longest original story I've ever written for a game.

So that's that! Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll continue to hang out with us as we try to make stupid games for jerks like us!

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